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Boku No Hero Academia 5th Season Episode 21

In terms of adaptation, this episode is yet another direct adaptation of chapters 175 through 176. Even so, there are several interesting elements that Studio BONES brings to the table in terms of editing, along with some fantastic animation that proves how well the team has managed the production scheduling over the course of this season. Far from dropping the ball, the team has managed to hit a home run.

Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season Episode 21

It was pretty sad and heart wrenching to see how shit turns south when a hero is burnt out and not provided with the resources they need to keep their mental health from decaying. I mean, that is the case for everyone and find pretty sad how this mirrors actual society. I loved the interaction between Deku and Chisaki and how he promises him to let him go to his boss once he extends the same regret to Eri. I am not quite sure how to read Chisaki's face, but it seemed to strike a cord. Not only did Deku manage to bring hope to a villain who had given up on society, but to me as well, quite frankly. Suddenly I do feel a bit more hopeful: there might be a way of turning things around and bring light and hope back to life. With only a few episodes to go this season, I am very curious if it will end with this sense of despair or if they will give us a bit of light before having to wait for the next My Hero Academia arc. 041b061a72


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