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Recuperative Yoga

Classes meet using ZOOM
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Elevate Your yoga Practice from the Comfort of Home


Online Yoga Classes San Antonio

Empowering Wellness Through Virtual Yoga: Marti Ewing’s Journey The global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, forcing us to innovate and adapt. As Covid-19 disrupted our lives and routines, we discovered that work, education, and self-care could thrive in the virtual realm. One remarkable individual who championed this shift is Marti Ewing. Virtual Yoga for Veterans: A Pioneering Initiative When Marti found herself in isolation due to Covid-19, she explored new avenues. It was then she realized she could offer virtual yoga sessions. Her journey began with providing virtual classes specifically for Veterans at the Veterans Administration. Marti's dedication made her the first virtual yoga teacher to create this specialized programming. As she shared her unique brand of Recuperative yoga, its impact extended far beyond borders, reaching even more people worldwide. The Power of Online Video Conferencing Online video conferencing became an essential tool during these challenging times. It allowed us to remain productive, maintain physical fitness, and stay connected with loved ones. Marti recognized this trend and harnessed it to deliver an exceptional yoga experience. Her online following attested to the benefits: not only did online yoga classes save fuel costs and time, but they also provided a sense of continuity and well-being, with some students even mentioning improvements in their flexibility. Zoom: The Perfect Blend of Yoga and Technology Marti's commitment to excellence led her to choose Zoom as her online platform. Its reliability, performance, and scalability made it the ideal partner for her yoga practice. The marriage of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology resonated with her customers, creating a win-win situation. Whether it’s group classes or private lessons, Marti’s virtual yoga sessions continue to empower individuals, especially those facing mobility or location challenges.

Marti’s style is light-hearted and evidence-based with a deep knowledge of healthy aging.

Gentle Chair Yoga


60 minutes

Gentle Chair Yoga for those in recuperation or needing a more gentle approach. Position modification is taught

Sacred Stretch


1 hour

“Slow on Purpose” - Mindful Movement Each session is designed to build strength, flexibility and functional fitness. Therapeutic flow.

You will need a mat, and a yoga strap or big towel.
Yoga blocks are optional.


Donation-based sliding scale

$10 - $15 - $20


1. Send payment via Venmo       

2. Text me the word ‘yoga’


3. I will send you the ZOOM link

within 24 hours

  Private lessons available upon request.  


VENMO @marti-ewing



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