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Marti's Schedule

Where to practice with Marti !


As a certified yoga instructor, with advanced training, her focus is on alignment-based Hatha Yoga.   Classes include a mix of recuperative yoga, strength building, meditation, and breathing techniques. These four tenets build strength in an appropriate and sustainable way for my clients.


18, 25 AND 12-10 


Yoga Reset for your nervous system- join all three or pay as you go. Perfect for aging, chronic pain and mental health balance. Focus on healthy movement patterns.

PLUS, A BONUS! Insights for a weekly practice will be shared after class. 


Sunday nights !

7:OO pm

VENMO marti @marti-ewing

Sign up for all three at a discounted rate of $50 or pay as you go $20 a session.

Whatever is comfy to you!

Text 713-876-1232 if you wish to receive a link and sign up! 

class is one hour 7:00-8:00 and they are recorded.

Please join me on Zoom from my private setting!

Bring balance to mind and body through a gentle yoga therapeutic flow!



HONOR YOUR SACRED BODY and enjoy meditation based around abundance!

Rejuvenate, relax, and restore!





Public Classes

Marti Practice.jpg

Join me for my face-to-face sessions~ 

Thursday Evenings 7-8

small boutique setting 
with plenty of personal attention! 

Most are currently held at : 
Marti Ewing Yoga Studio - 
The Yoga Cottage

Just East of King Wiliam ; 
Text Marti  @713-876-1232 for a reservation or more information 


Recuperative Yoga:

A Unique Practice for  ALL AGES,  ALL ABILITIES and ALL BODIES 


What is it? 


Recuperative yoga is a safe and transformational yoga that benefits men and women of all ages and at all levels, from elite athletes to the athletically or physically challenged. It is a modern yoga program that is designed to restore and maintain our body's appropriate range of motion, create good alignment, optimize muscle balance and cultivate physical awareness.

back pain.jpg

Benefits of Recuperative Yoga:

  • A way to manage life's difficulties due to chronic pain, stress and tension.

  • A system of yoga designed to assist in recovery from illness or injury.

  • A way to reduce anxiety from work and every day life.

  • A method that emphasizes knowledge, personal wellness, breath and relaxation.

  • A method to assist each individual's search for health and well-being.

Monthly Workshops

90 minutes of monthly alignment tune up


Fun and informative classes of Hatha yoga, Recuperative yoga, and Core Conditioning perfect for beginners as well as seasoned yogis. Come enjoy classes with an instructor who has extensive knowledge gained from years of experience in resolution of issues and enhancement of physical abilities. Reach your peak performance through personalized training sessions that focus on creating balanced strength.


All classes are followed by a 15min relaxation, a warm lavender towel and sound healing.

Please make your payment $25.00 suggested donation!


This payment will hold your spot and spaces are very limited as we will be social distancing, small class- , every first Saturday

Donate and reserve your spot here:


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