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Friend Request 720p Movie Download Utorrent

Friend Request (2020) - A Sci-Fi Thriller Movie

Friend Request is a science fiction thriller movie that was released in 2020. The movie is directed by Luke Armstrong and stars Johnny Sachon, Lottie Tolhurst, Michael Absalom, and Brian Bovell. The movie follows a man who wakes up inside a room to discover hes a prisoner sent into space to form Earths first colony, and worse his cell mate Alana is hell bent on destroying everything.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a man named Simon (Johnny Sachon) waking up inside a small room with no memory of who he is or why he is there. He soon realizes that he is in a spaceship that is heading towards a distant planet. He also finds out that he has a cell mate named Alana (Lottie Tolhurst), who claims to be his friend and tells him that they are part of a project called Genesis, which aims to create a new civilization on another world.


However, Simon soon discovers that Alana is not his friend, but his enemy. She reveals that she is actually an agent of a rebel group called the Resistance, who oppose the Genesis project and want to sabotage it. She tells him that she has hacked the spaceship's system and plans to crash it into the planet, killing them both and preventing the colonization. She also tells him that she has implanted a device in his brain that prevents him from escaping or harming her.

Simon tries to reason with Alana and convince her to change her mind, but she refuses to listen. She tells him that the Genesis project is a sinister scheme by the government to exploit the planet's resources and enslave its inhabitants. She also tells him that he is not a real person, but a clone created from the DNA of a dead astronaut named David (Michael Absalom), who was Alana's lover and fellow Resistance member. She says that she agreed to join the Genesis project as a spy, hoping to find David's clone and reunite with him.

As the spaceship approaches the planet, Simon and Alana face various challenges and dangers, such as malfunctioning equipment, hostile aliens, and rogue clones. They also learn more about each other and their pasts, and develop a complex relationship. Simon begins to question his identity and his purpose, while Alana begins to doubt her mission and her feelings. They also realize that they are not alone on the spaceship, and that there is someone else who is watching them and manipulating them.

Movie Review

Friend Request is a movie that explores themes such as identity, memory, love, betrayal, and survival. The movie has a gripping plot that keeps the viewers engaged and intrigued. The movie also has some twists and turns that surprise and shock the viewers. The movie has some impressive visual effects and sound design that create a realistic and immersive atmosphere. The movie also has some tense and thrilling scenes that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The movie also has some flaws that affect its quality. The movie has some logical inconsistencies and plot holes that make some parts of the story confusing and implausible. The movie also has some clichés and stereotypes that make some characters and situations predictable and unoriginal. The movie also has some weak dialogues and performances that make some scenes awkward and cheesy.

Overall, Friend Request is a movie that offers an entertaining and exciting sci-fi thriller experience, but also suffers from some flaws that lower its standard. The movie is suitable for fans of science fiction and thriller genres, but may not appeal to everyone.

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