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Delhi Safari Movie Download In Hindi Hd 1080p

Delhi Safari: A Review

Delhi Safari is a 2012 Indian computer-animated musical comedy film written and directed by Nikkhil Advani. The film traces the journey of five animals from Mumbai to Delhi as they struggle against an oppressive regime. It has been produced by Krayon Pictures (a Pune-based 3D animation studio). Based on a story and concept by Advani, the film's Hindi-language version features the voices of Akshaye Khanna, Govinda, Suniel Shetty, Boman Irani and Urmila Matondkar. The screenplay of the film is written by Girish Dhamija and Suresh Nair. The music of the film is composed by ShankarEhsaanLoy, while the lyrics are penned by Sameer. It is India's first stereoscopic 3D animation feature film.


The film starts with Yuvraj (or 'Yuvi', for short) saying that he lost his father, Sultan in the morning, but doesn't want to lose his home at any cost. The film carries a flashback of the morning with Yuvi and Sultan playing in the forest and Sultan teaching self-defence to Yuvi while his mother, Begum, enters. The two mock her for her overly caring attitude towards son that gets her angry and she leaves. Soon, Begum forgives Sultan and Yuvraj. However, while coming back, a whole pack of bulldozers come from nowhere and proceed to demolish the surrounding jungle. Begum manages to escape, but Yuvi and Sultan are trapped. The two land at a site in the forest where they see all the trees missing. In a bid to save Yuvi, Sultan catches Yuvi in his mouth and tosses him to Begum. However, he himself is killed by a human wielding a shotgun, making the whole forest a large enemy of the humans.

Delhi Safari movie download in hindi hd 1080p

A talk happens with attendants of all the animals in the area. Many believe that leaving their homes is the only way to survive; however, Bajrangi, a monkey, says that he would beat out the wits of those men with his so-called "vanarsena" - Marela and Bharela, but Bagga the bear advises him to talk to humans and Bajrangi asks whether there is anyone who knows the language of humans.

Alex, a parrot who was once a pet of a human named Natasha (who abandoned him when he started talking too much), steps forward and says that he knows human language. He agrees to accompany Bajrangi on his quest to Delhi to speak to the parliament about saving their forest. Along with them are Yuvi, who wants to see his father's murderers punished; Begum, who wants to protect her son; and Bagga, who wants to eat some good food on the way.

The five animals embark on a perilous journey across India, facing many dangers and obstacles from humans and other animals alike. They also encounter some friendly allies, such as a group of flamingos who sing a song about their plight; a hyena named Hawa Hawai who helps them escape from a circus; and Kaalia, an old leopard who was once Sultan's friend and mentor.

They finally reach Delhi and manage to sneak into the parliament building with the help of Jari Booti Baba, a hippie human who supports their cause. There they confront the Prime Minister and demand justice for their forest. However, they are met with hostility and ridicule from the politicians and the media. They are also betrayed by Alex, who reveals that he was working for Natasha all along and that she wanted to capture them for her TV show.

The animals are captured and taken away by Natasha's men, while Alex realizes his mistake and feels guilty for betraying his friends. He decides to redeem himself by rescuing them from Natasha's studio with the help of Batman (a bat who was also captured by Natasha). They manage to free themselves and expose Natasha's evil plans on live TV. They also appeal to the public to support their cause and save their forest.

The film ends with a positive note as the Prime Minister announces that he will pass a bill to protect the forest and its inhabitants. The animals celebrate their victory and return to their home happily. Alex decides to stay with them as he has found his true family.



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