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NCIS Season 20 - Episode 6

In the end, Agent Khatri was exonerated and was doing what he always did. He was trying to get justice where it was needed. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on NCIS season 20 episode 6.

NCIS Season 20 - Episode 6

NCIS has done just about everything over nearly 450 episodes. The CBS drama's cast has always lived up to expectations and its stories leave the fan base wanting more. While there is some inevitable overlap between old and new storylines after that many hours of TV, NCIS' writers have kept things fresh and interesting with only one recent exception.

"The Good Fighter" opened on Kasie in a fighting gym, where her trainer said that she needed to stop hesitating. In the parking lot, she was approached by a mystery man and viewers thought that she had been abducted -- especially when she didn't show up to work the next morning. That wasn't the case; Kasie had requested a personal day. However, things looked even worse when her fingerprints showed up on the laptop that belonged to the episode's murder victim.

With Parker on the run with his ex-wife, the NCIS team investigates people who might have a personal vendetta against Parker in hopes of clearing his name. The episode ends with Torres and Knight alongside NCIS agent Jane Tennant and Computer Specialist Ernie Malik heading to Hawaii to stop the Raven or Herman Maxwell who's been freed by his followers, members of a group called the Unkindness.

"NCIS" Season 20 is well underway and so far, the Major Case Response Team has had its fair share of challenges. They initially had to clear the name of Alden Parker (Gary Cole) during the season premiere and have since dealt with Nick Torres' (Wilmer Valderrama) kidnapping. Most recently, during Season 20, Episode 6, titled "The Good Fighter," Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover) even reveals that she was conducting an internal investigation. Although this seemed like a side plot at first, it turns out that Kasie's project directly related to the case in question, the death of an NCIS agent named Otis Khatri.

One of the most important storylines from "NCIS" Season 20 Episode 6, titled "The Good FIghter," focused on forensic scientist Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover) trading in the relative safety of her lab for an undercover mission out in the field. The episode reveals that several months back, Kasie had been enlisted by the Defense Criminal Investigation Services (DCIS) to sniff out a mole within NCIS.

In addition to the immense praise Kasie received from the fans of "NCIS," she also earned a great deal of respect from her fellow agents within the series, with Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) even comparing her to John Rambo. In any case, the incredibly positive response to Kasie's field work (as well as the support she received from her fellow agents) could mean that we'll be seeing even more of Kasie Hines' undercover work in future episodes.

NCIS series 20 is well underway with the agents working hard together in solving challenging investigations while dealing with their own personal problems. The CBS police procedural has been airing every Monday night for the past several weeks, and so fans are looking forward to the next instalment. Here's everything there is to know about NCIS season 20's seventh episode.

The current season of the show stars Sean Murray as Timothy McGee, Wilmer Valderrama as Nick Torres, Katrina Law as Jessica Knight, Brian Dietzen as Dr. Jimmy Palmer, Diona Reasonover as Kasie Hines, David McCallum as Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance, and Gary Cole as Alden Parker.

The upcoming episode will be directed by Michael Zinberg, while Kimberly-Rose Wolter and Brendan Fehily will serve as its writers. The episode will see the team investigate a gruesome decapitation case that has most likely been committed by a serial killer.

The first season of the show released in 2003 and the cast has seen several actors over the years. The current season began streaming on September 19, 2022, and is one of the most successful seasons of the show.

We won't know the definitive answer until Season 20, Episode 6 airs on Oct. 24th, at 9 p.m. ET, if the team actually catches the mole in their midst in the span of the hour (after all, NCIS is known for their epic two-parter episode arcs).

However, we think it's plausible to say that it's not Kasie, since she actually ends up missing during the episode for reasons yet unknown. It's likely the Mole might want to keep her hidden away if Kasie's already figured out their identity.

Following his departure from the NCIS series in the NCIS Season 19 episode, "Great Wide Open", Mark Harmon has been officially removed from the intro/opening credits and is no longer a series regular.

Beyond this, there are plenty of other series and films to catch on the platform, including ongoing shows such as NCIS and Station 19, as well as the arrival of the first three seasons of Arrested Development, which were recently removed from Netflix's library.

This milestone saw the team, specifically Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), work with a key blind witness, Annie Barth (Marilee Talkington), to solve a case involving assault. It was seeing those two together that made this episode one to rewatch, as he came to understand just how much of an asset she was.

It only took 400 episodes, but we finally got to see the first case to bring Gibbs and Ducky together. Was it a memorable investigation? No. But the focus on their relationship, from those early days to present-day, made it very much a highlight of the series and the actors in both timelines work so well together.

In this episode, the team has a potential bioterror threat. This could take place at a strip mall parking lot. Who is responsible for this? The team needs to take a few small clues and find the leader.

Networks solve this problems by giving their shows extended breaks over the holiday season (or, as it is known in the world of TV, "midseason"). However, this usually still leaves a few times a year where a show has to take weeks off and/or air a repeat.

NCIS is no exception to this, and now in many ways feels like a logical time for the show to take a break. The show had a massive, headline-grabbing episode two weeks ago where it said goodbye to its lead Mark Harmon after over 400 episodes and years of speculation. Then, it aired another episode that aimed to show to fans that the show could go on without its lead star.

Here is everything we know about NCIS season 20. The hit CBS series has been the number one broadcast series on television for 12 of its last 13 seasons, and now it's returning for yet another action-packed season. Its 20th season makes NCIS the third-longest running scripted, non-animated series on television, surpassed only by Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which is now on season 24.

NCIS season 20 is set to return with the slate of CBS's fall line-up. CBS's fall programming typically begins in late September, meaning NCIS will likely return for season 20 sometime in September 2022. CBS has confirmed that the series will remain in its regular timeslot, airing on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

Despite his FBI credentials, Parker might be engaging in a long con to undermine the naval investigators from the inside. Furthermore, despite their years of service with the task force, fans should not count out Agent Tim McGee or Director Leon Vance. Rumors are swirling that series regular Rocky will be leaving at some point during the current season.

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