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Loree Oboe Serial Number Age List

Loree Oboe Serial Number Age List

If you are an oboe player or collector, you might be interested in knowing the age of your Loree oboe. Loree is a French company that has been making high-quality oboes since 1881. Loree oboes are known for their rich and expressive tone, excellent intonation, and craftsmanship. However, Loree does not provide a public database of their serial numbers, so it can be hard to determine the exact year of manufacture of your instrument.

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Fortunately, there are some sources that can help you find out the approximate age of your Loree oboe based on its serial number. One of them is [Adams Musical Instruments], a Dutch company that sells and repairs various musical instruments, including oboes. On their website, they have a [serial number list] for Loree oboes, English horns, and oboes d'amore. The list covers the serial numbers from A (1881) to MC and ML (1997). According to the list, Loree used a single letter prefix for the serial numbers until 1958, when they switched to a two-letter prefix. For example, a Loree oboe with the serial number AR1234 was made in 1952, while a Loree oboe with the serial number BA1234 was made in 1959.

Another source that can help you date your Loree oboe is [Reverb], an online marketplace for musical instruments and gear. On Reverb, you can find listings of Loree oboes for sale by various sellers, some of whom provide the serial number and the year of manufacture of their instrument. For example, one listing on Reverb shows a [Loree Professional Model Conservatory System Oboe] with the serial number IJ1234, which was made in 1988 according to the seller. However, you should be careful when relying on Reverb listings, as some sellers might not have accurate information or might not disclose the serial number at all.

A third source that can help you estimate the age of your Loree oboe is [], a website that hosts various PDF files uploaded by users. One of these files is a [Loree Oboe Serial Number Age List] that contains the serial numbers and the years of manufacture of Loree oboes from 1883 to 1990. The list is similar to the one on Adams Musical Instruments, but it has some gaps and discrepancies. For example, the list does not include the serial numbers from 1900 to 1909, and it shows that Loree used a three-letter prefix for the serial numbers from 1977 to 1980, which contradicts the two-letter prefix system used by Loree since 1958.

As you can see, there are different ways to find out the age of your Loree oboe based on its serial number, but none of them are completely reliable or comprehensive. Therefore, you should always use caution and common sense when dating your instrument, and consult multiple sources if possible. You should also consider other factors that might affect the value and condition of your oboe, such as its model, features, maintenance history, and wear and tear. Ultimately, the most important thing is to enjoy playing your Loree oboe and appreciate its unique sound and quality.


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