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100% natural, Lavender Shea Butter is a therapeutic blend of organic African shea butter and organic French lavender that provides fatty acid. This blend is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin while it fights the effects of aging by repairing rough damaged skin.


Lavender Shea Butter helps heal wounds faster and contains vitamins and minerals that protect the skin from the elements like wind, cold and sun. Your skin will look and feel smoother and softer.


Lavender Shea Butter is hand crafted with essential oil and organic lavender from the Provence countryside in France where my family has a home.

This combination is heavenly and will be your go-to product for deep moisture.

Lavender Shea Butter comes packaged in a beautiful blue glass container.

Price includes shipping 

This product has only four ingredients -

  • 4.0 fl oz.
  • Positively charged, no chemicals or additives.
  • made with love 

Lavender Shea Butter

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ingredients: African shea butter, organic French lavender, vitamin E, home grown aloe.

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