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Practice Yoga Safely! Now in San Antonio!

Many yoga practices assume we come with a certain degree of strength that many modern yogis do not have. Ancient yogi’s lives were much more physical than ours. We push buttons to get our food cooked, heat our homes, and wash our clothes. The yogis of 3000 years ago worked very hard to make daily life happen; chopping down trees, walking miles to a stream to wash their clothes, and carrying back buckets of water, sometimes for miles. In this modern world we sit a lot. We hold a mouse, our phone, steering wheels, but not much regular physical activity in our everyday lives, unless we purposefully go out and get it.

Most of us are strong in some areas, and weak in others. This is because our lives require we use the same muscles over and over, while many times other smaller muscles may rarely get used. This creates imbalances in our body, and over compensation which can lead to weak joint structures and even injury. Ultimately even causing pain in our body and effecting our ability to enjoy life. Recuperative Yoga, and especially private lessons can help. Since no two people have the exact same lives, individualized yoga practices are very important for creating balance in your body. Group classes can be fun and motivational, but there is nothing better than knowledge of your own body in a one on one private lesson to inform you of what your body needs, now they are available in San Antonio.

Once you understand your body mechanics you can take that knowledge to any yoga class knowing that you will greatly reduce the risk of injury. In fact, after a private yoga lesson you may know how to correct some existing conditions that are typical in our modern life; like unstable ankles, fallen arches, tender wrist, lower back conditions, sciatica, arthritis, and weak hips are a result of our sedentary culture.

Since no muscles act independently, and every movement is a combination of muscles working together, it is important to be aware of what needs special attention. A plan of exercise on how to get your body the therapeutic practice it needs is a great place to start. Private lessons with an in home plan can actually help you to resolve your issues and create a good plan while raising your awareness to create better habits in life.

A private lesson consists of an in home visit where a postural analysis will be preformed. Special attention will be given to gait, posture and muscle function. Through simple exercises, we will test your strength. After that, an individual plan will be created. Instruction will include personal , close observation of your form, which is impossible to do in a group class. An individualized plan will be provided for home practices and many modifications will be shared so you get the most out of your personal yoga healing journey.

It is best to be sure your instructor has experience and proper training. Yoga teacher training vary in concentration so be sure and ask a lot of questions as you interview teachers for your private lessons. . Listen for informed, compassionate and well thought out responses, and always do plenty of research before choosing a practitioner to guide you. Check with your doctor for clearance and with the right practice anyone can and should do yoga.

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