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About Recuperative Yoga with Marti


Recuperative yoga recognizes that not every pose is for everybody, and puts the spotlight on muscle functions and body mechanics. Simple exercises and yoga postures restore balance, strength, and flexibility. This very specialized practice is good for those recuperating from an injury or illness or athletes recuperating between games.  Recuperative yoga is good for anyone just needing a deeper understanding of a functional fitness yoga program, incorporating mind, body, and soul. 

The advantages of this practice can be seen in faster recovery times, longer strides, and better range of motion. If you have pain in your body Mart's blend of yoga, trauma therapy, and meditation can bring balance to your emotional and physical well-being.  Her practices are based on her training, experience, and scientific evidence.


Benefits of Recuperative Yoga Therapy

Restores and maintains the body’s appropriate range of motion

Creates good alignment

Develops muscle balance

Cultivates physical awareness

What kinds of painful issues can be helped through yoga?

  • Lower back pain including disc problems, arthritic joints, or muscle spasms.

  • Neck issues including nerve-related problems, bone spurs, neck spasms, and chronic neck tension.

  • Hip problems including joint issues, bursitis, muscle strains, and arthritis.

  • Shoulder issues including rotator cuff injuries, postural issues, and arthritic conditions.

  • Various joint pains, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, and other assorted issues.

  • Chronic Stress Disorder.

  • Almost any painful condition.

  • Managing of symptoms for scoliosis, Parkinson,  Cerebral Palsy, MS , Scoliosis, and many other conditions.

Marti's Accomplishments & Certifications

  • Created the yoga program in the Integrative Medicine Department at Baylor St. Luke’s Hospital in the Houston Medical Center. This includes work with children as well as hospice patients.

  • Created a Yoga Program for Veterans at the South Texas Veterans Administration Hospital where she serves as the first Yoga Therapist in the Whole Health Program.

  • Worked with Baylor College of Medicine to create a class for post-op breast cancer patients and has special training in Pink Ribbon Yoga

  • Developed a class for nurse training at St. Luke’s Hospital on Yoga and self-care.

  • Developed a  line of all-natural therapeutic healing products  ( check out the shop page)

500 yoga cert.webp

 I appreciate you so much! I have learned so much from you! you are truly unique in the way you teach and really good at explaining the benefits of the postures and how they strengthen or benefit the body. I am so glad that our paths crossed! And even learned to make kombucha too! I bottled some blueberry ginger lemon this weekend My life is so much healthier! 

– Beth 45 

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